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ANZ Internet Banking – Banking Online With ANZ

ANZ Bank:

In order to increase customer satisfaction the ANZ Royal provides a quality product named ANZ internet Banking. ANZR has more than 20,000 registered online users. There are more than 6,000 users from 20,000 users who utilize the online banking on a regular basis.

ANZ has launched ANZ internet banking in February, 2010. The second factor authentication security feature Introduced in October 2012. ANZR has the lowest activation signal delivery guarantee market. It only takes 30 minutes for existing customers to activate their security token.

ANZ Internet Banking

ANZ Internet Banking:

Internet banking is a feature where an account holder can bank from their home or outside of the home without going to Bank branch. Similar in this case, ANZ also provides such kind of facilities. ANZ online banking service offers customers the convenience and ease of management of their accounts, pay balances, transfers and invoices online.

To ensure the safety of their customers and greater protection, and to ensure online banking security, the bank has a new feature of two-factor authentication for all users of financial transactions and Internet banking. In this new security feature, the customers now have a security token to access their online bank accounts.


ANZ Online Banking Features:

ANZ Internet Banking has changed their all features on what clients want to have to see. These measures will help to ANZ Internet Banking using simpler and easier – here is a summary of features that you want from them:

  • Access your payments: If you pay a bill or pay to any person, any payment before the “Pay and transfer” menu are made to be added and you can print or save your payment information for your records.
  • Easy transfer of funds: ANZ now presents “transfer of funds” option, so that you can transfer money between your accounts from any page that means you do not need to go to the Transfer menu.
  • Balances on each side – ANZ offers you to see your account balance on the side of each page, so you can always see it at a glance.
  • Anytime access: You can access your account at any time, an uninterrupted service almost 24 hours a day. You can also access it from anywhere.
  • Order Cheque: You can order for a cheque book when you need one.
  • Foreign exchange: You can exchange your foreign money and buy from online by using your debit or credit card.


ANZ Online Banking Login Page:

In order to receive those comprehensive features and manage your account you must log on to the bank’s login page. By logging to your account page you can view, change and apply for any products on online. To get this suitable features, you can click on the below link.


ANZ Contact Information:

ANZ bank currently offers the help services by phone and e-mail.

For general banking and telephone banking, please call: 0800 296 269 and +64 4 470 3142 (International)

For internet banking, please call: 0800 368 524 and +64 4 473 0370 (International)