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SunTrust Online Banking – SunTrust Online

SunTrust Bank:

SunTrust bank is one of the world leading retail and commercial bank. It is the largest bank of Georgia and the head office of this bank situated in Atlanta. The bank was established in 1891 and has above 25,980 employees at 1,689 locations. The bank itself has extended many features and makes their banking services secure and comfortable.

SunTrust online banking:

SunTrust online banking offers a better way to mange your finance and pays your bills easily. You can pay your bills and manage your finance from anywhere using one password and clicking just few buttons. The bank gives guarantee the secure and convenient banking service. Just using basic online services, you can transfer your money into many accounts, pay anyone without writing any check, set up notification, download statement and set up Mobile banking. With the help of SunTrust online banking you can send your money between your accounts or other financial institution. You can also send money directly into anyone else’s account. The bank provides a “Tools and Planning Center” which offers facilities from buying a home to paying for education.

Suntrust Bank

Benefits of SunTrust online banking:

  • 24 hours access of your accounts from any computer device.
  • View up to 18 months transaction history on online and receive your account statement quickly.
  • Pay your bills on online at anytime of your convenience.
  • Access your account from anywhere by your mobile phone.
  • Offers guarantee of secure transaction.
  • Secure transaction from bank account and brokerage firms to other financial institute.
  • Make payments for you previous taken loan.


SunTrust Online Banking Logon Page:

SunTrust online banking offers online customer service via your home computer, mobile phone or Laptop. You can access all of the banking services by visiting the SunTrust Online banking logon page. If you want to sign in on SunTrust online banking page, check this link:


SunTrust Credit Card:

You can manage your finances and expenses by using a SunTrust Credit Card. SunTrust bank will help you to manage your accounts with a card securely. Moreover, you can earn some extra points while applying for a credit card. So, choose the suitable one and earn rewards from SunTrust Credit Card.


SunTrust online Banking security options:

  • SunTrust bank will help you to keep safe and secure of your account information. SunTrust has started fraud alert service to keep your account up to date on vicious activity.
  • To identify the fraud and scams read the “Identify Fraud” section completely.
  • If you found any malicious activity then report it to the SunTrust fraud expert quickly.


Some additional information that should concern:

  • You will be charged $3 when you apply for the transaction of money from you account to another individual account. Moreover, there is a limitation of monthly money transfer.
  • You will be charged $6 dollars when you transferring money from your SunTrust account to another financial account.
  • SunTrust will no charge any amount for the uses of SunTrust Mobile Banking.


Contact Information of SunTrust online banking:

SunTrust Bank

P.O. Box 85024

Richmond, VA 23285-5024

Customer service phone number: 800 786 8787

Online banking and Mobile banking phone number: 800 382 3232

Report for Fraud: 800 447 8994